Cameron And Brody's Bar Mitzvah

About Us

If you have been with us from the beginning, you know what an amazing accomplishment it is that we are here, becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

We were born very, very early 13 years ago and fought for our little lives, and sight, for years. The doctors didn't know if we would ever walk, talk, see or breathe on our own.
Our prematurity path was incredibly difficult.

Celebrating our Bar Mitzvah with us is not only momentous because it marks a special time in a young Jewish boy's life, but our Bar Mitzvah in particular is a celebration of our lives... a celebration that we are here, healthy and able.

We have proven time and time again that there is nothing we can't do and our commitment to studying for the last year for this day has been
no exception to that rule.

We are twin brothers and best friends.
What one lacks, the other is right there to help out with.
What one excels in, he teaches the other and supports his work.
While we are usually a package deal, we also have likes and personalities of our own.

Brody is "The Mayor" wherever he goes.
He is just great at making people feel liked and seen.
Brody is an incredibly nurturing and sensitive kid with a heart of gold-an empath by nature. He sees no differences in people and has love for all creatures.
Basketball obsessed would be an understatement.
He's usually the smallest guy on the team but he no doubt works the hardest to be a worthy competitor and earn his respect. His attention span is short, but his focus on being the best he can be at the game is unwavering.
Though his voice is quiet, Brody's personality and fashion sense are loud and proud.

Cameron is inquisitive and quick witted.
He doesn't open up right away with new people, but when he does, he is a totally different kid. He is really funny and thoughtful and insightful. Cam has a dry sense of humor which goes right along with his older than his age precociousness.
Cam is incredibly driven by good grades and has aspirations of being
the CEO of his own company one day.
Shy in most situations, but he is a rock star on stage when playing keys in his band at School of Rock. He's so fun to watch bopping to the music he is creating and eating up the attention of his adoring fans.

Both boys are aspiring coders. One day they will put all of that technology addiction to good use to create an app to help others with special needs.